Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What a day!

Evie is still coughing so much, turning purple and throwing up while coughing so off we went to the doctor. Let me tell you it was an experience! Our pediatrician was not in the office this morning so we saw our least favorite doctor after waiting for over an hour to see him. He spent twenty minutes telling me that Evie has asthma or allergies. Maybe so but this throwing up has only developed in the past few days. He was ready to send us along our merry way but I was insistent that there was a problem. Right on cue, sweet Evie turned purple while coughing and threw up on me. I have never been so thrilled and the pediatrician knew something was definitely the matter.

  He sent us off for a chest x-ray. That was really fun with a two year old while pregnant. They made me go into a booth to protect Baby Boy.  Evie was literally screaming at the top of her lungs, multiple people were in the room trying to hold her down and the technician was working so hard at helping us get this done in a timely manner. She was fantastic and knew just how to make Evie feel better - stickers!

   Chest x-ray showed fluid on the lungs which explains why Evie sounded like a transistor radio last night. It was so weird as Carl said at the time and now Evie thinks EVERYTHING is weird! Pediatrician gave Evie a RX for some antibiotics and we were headed home after nearly three hours in the doctors office. Evie was fabulous! She colored, played with her new heart stickers, worked on her beads and explored the area. I was amazed at how well she did especially since it was a LONG visit! Let's hope these meds clear Evie's lungs right up. Pediatrician told us to go about our normal life. The morale of this story is trust your own instincts - I knew something was wrong with Evie! Doctors are so busy being pulled in 100 different directions and often unable to take the time to figure out all the pieces of the puzzle!

Every available space was filled with supplies or dirty items! It's worth it to have a freezer filled with meals!

Fiesta Chicken packaged and ready to go!
Evie napped for almost four hours which gave me time to work on my meal swap meals! I made Fiesta Chicken Enchiladas and it was not nearly as complicated as the dishes that I have made in the past. My entire kitchen was upside down but I assembled my bags and made everyone salsa to go with their meal.

   As if my day was not crazy enough, our toilet overflowed twice and my hair salon called to tell me that my favorite stylist left the salon to pursue a career in sales! Thank goodness, they were able to give me another appointment for this week because prenatal vitamins make my hair grow at lightening speed!

     Carl came home early because the computers were down at work so he stayed with Evie while I swapped meals. We had a nice evening together. It's amazing how much more time you have when you do not cook dinner. Stromboli and salad were on our menu tonight courtesy of Christina and it was restaurant quality. We loved it and cannot wait to try out the other meals. Mexican Lasagna is on the menu for tomorrow night.

   Evie had the day off from the camera but her brother is making his blog debut. He's a cute little thing just like Evie. Let's hope tomorrow is a better day!


  1. love the pictures of brother....looks like he is playing "guns" already - such a boy! :)
    sorry y'all had a tough day, hopefully the meds will work and evie will be as good as new!
    i may have missed this in a past post, but do you y'all swap recipes when you do the meal swap? i would love to hear more info about it - i think it would be great to start with some of my neighbors!! :)

  2. I must have missed where you announced you were having a boy...but...I had guessed based on your new blog look! So happy for you and I hope sweet little Evie starts feeling better!

  3. What a day! I hope Evie is back to 100% soon. I would love more info on how you freeze the meals. I don't know that I have many people to swap with, but I would love to freeze some myself.

  4. Poor, poor Evie (and you!). Glad you got some medicine for her, and hopefully it will make her all well quickly! :)

  5. WOW---Ditto to Whitney...what a day! Although I'm sure it wasn't fun, I'm glad Evie had another coughing fit infront of the doctor so they could see this is more than just asthma or allergies! I hope the meds work! Your dinners look delicious!

  6. Your son is adorable! I love how he is saying, "Number one!" or playing guns or whatever!! You were so right to listen to your instincts. I am praying Evie is better soon. So, will you share your Fiesta Chicken and salsa recipes? YUM!!!! I love to cook too!


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