Thursday, February 24, 2011

Back in Action

Evie is feeling much better and it has been my toughest day of the week. We can hear the mucous in her throat and chest so at least it seems to be moving out of her lungs. Her fever is gone and her coughing episodes have diminished.

I kept her home from school and by 10:00 wish that I had sent her. We went to get my emissions test done for my car. Evie told the lady, "Evie's car next." Demanding little thing! Luckily, the attendant thought that Evie was quite cute.

Our next stop was Publix and we had to literally hunt down a car cart. You know those carts that are super hard to maneuver around but that the kids love to drive through the store. We finally found one!

   Evie was exhibiting major signs of sleepiness so I put her down super early for her nap. She slept for 3.5 hours and woke up happy as a clam. Evie was so proud that she was wearing her socks on her hands instead of her feet.

Well, the happy part lasted for about thirty minutes. We did every activity in the house to keep the peace. Her favorite activity was one that I saw on the Internet. Draw a bunch of circles on a piece of paper and give your child a sheet of stickers. Their job is to put one sticker in each circle. Simple but it worked like a charm. We did it three different times.

Evie is also into tables these days. She thought the little thing that keeps the cardboard off the pizza was marvelous so marvelous that she ate her dinner off of it last night. She also likes to use shelf helpers as tables. They make a handy spot to hold her books and she puts her legs under it.

I have never been so happy to see Carl walk through the door. Evie was still in Mommy-mode but I had a short break. Now, it's time for MNO and I think I have earned the night off after this week. Can't wait for some yummy Mexican food and conversation with my mommy friends.


  1. So glad Evie is feeling better. I am making mental notes of all the creative things you do with Evie so that I can use them this summer. Enjoy your much-deserved night out. It is so important to have friends in the same season of life as you are.

  2. Okay I just connected you and Courtney from Following C's!! Small world! Evie is ridiculously adorable and I am totally jealous of her blonde curls. :)

  3. Bless your heart! You are so patient and creative with Evie. Lillian also enjoys putting her socks on her hands. Evie is such a cutie pie.


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