Saturday, April 9, 2011

3 Months!

Three months from today is my due date, that seems so hard to believe. It seems soon in some ways and still pretty far off in other ways. Evie moved to her new room tonight and she was so excited! It took her forever to fall asleep because she kept talking about her pink room. Carl just reminded me that she is in a new room, in a new crib and sleeping on a new mattress. That is a lot for a little person but she does not seem bothered. Let's hope this continues until morning!

  Baby Boy's room looks really empty right now. He has a crib and a nightstand but that's it. Evie is borrowing his bookshelf and using the changing table right now. Our chair should be here soon and then we need a dresser.

    We had a very low-key doing a few things around the house but nothing too exciting. Evie was excited when her boys came over to play this afternoon. It was a gorgeous day so lots of outside time was necessary.

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