Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday, Monday!

Evie woke up bright and early this morning to say goodbye to her She She and Poppy. She was not real happy about everyone leaving at once but nothing a little cooking in the kitchen couldn't fix. We hung out on the couch resting this morning and then our sweet friends came over for lunch. We had chicken enchiladas. Evie was happy to see her boys although both Evie and Campbell were exhausted! Nap time commenced a bit early at The Niemeyer Nest.

Carl was able to get home early today which was nice although it was grass mowing day. We have more issues than Time magazine with our computers right now. Thank goodness, that there are people who know way more about these things than we do. Carl has worked on the thing for more than a week. It turns out it was not even a problem that he could fix. Of course, it requires a return visit by the computer guru but that's the way it goes sometimes. We will just be glad to have all of our devices working especially the iPad. Carl enjoyed his computer lesson and is looking forward to the next one on Wednesday.

Evie and I played outside while Carl mowed. It was a nice, warm day so we wanted to be sure to take advantage of it. Evie had a grand time telling the lawn mower that she was scared of it but that it smelled good. Her conversation went kinda like this: "Mower, Evie scared! Beep beep, mm mm smells good." She keeps me laughing with her crazy antics and that she loves to tell me what smells good.

  Dinnertime is always an experience with a 2 year old since I never know what she will eat. Carl and I were having leftovers so Evie had a mish-mash. She must not have found it very interesting because our back neighbor was way more entertaining. She told me that the "dog man was playing." I told her his name was Mr. Whit and then she said, "Okay, Whit playing with dogs." He is ALWAYS outside either working on his immaculate yard or playing with his sweet little dog. It's so fun to see all the things that Evie is noticing these days.

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