Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up!

We had a very nice weekend and enjoyed our visit with Carl's parents. It was cold and rainy on Saturday so we stayed pretty close to home. We did venture out to the Farmer's Market for doughnuts and walked around The Factory. Then, we had some yummy lunch before heading home for nap time. Evie is back to her sweet and sassy self so that's good to see.

    Evie had fun showing off for She She and Poppy. Carl grilled some delicious chicken and we had a nice dinner at home.

   Sunday came early with church at 8:30. Evie is moving up to a new room next week at church. Hope she likes it as much as she likes her current room. I showed it to her before we left church and she liked the easels.

    We spent a lot of time outside today enjoying the gorgeous weather. Evie loves to kick the ball and run around outside. We ate lunch outside and then we all sat outside during nap time. Evie woke up ready to go to the park so we walked to the park. She She and Poppy enjoyed seeing how Evie insists on trying out every single piece of equipment at the park. Evie was not thrilled about leaving at all!

     We came home to play while Tony and Carl went to pick up some fantastic pizza at the Mellow Mushroom for dinner. It was a fun weekend! Hope you had  great weekend too.

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  1. Ran in to your mom this past weekend at Aldi while I was home. I hear Evie makes steam noises now to go along with her ironing. Too cute!


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