Friday, April 29, 2011

Rough Day

Happy Birthday to my Dad and Evie's Ipop!!!!

Evie had a rough day with lots of tantrums. She needed me for every little thing and kept saying, "sit with Evie" when I would get up to do things. She did enjoy the Royal Wedding. I told her that the bride was a princess and she kept requesting "more princess." Evie also let me know that she is a princess.

Thank goodness we had plans to get out of the house. We met Campbell and Christian at Brilliant Sky for story time and messy art. It is pretty crazy taking kids into a toy store but they did great. Evie had a few meltdowns that lasted less than a minute. I love how toddlers can turn their emotions off and on so quickly.

We decided to take the kids to lunch at McDonald's. Evie is way more interested in playing than eating. She had some type of altercation with some older boys that resulted in hysterical tears. I figured she was just tired but it was more than that. All the way home, she chanted, "other boys scared Evie - not Christian." I rocked for a little before nap time and she told me they hit her. Those playgrounds can be so chaotic but I felt horrible that I did not see this because I would have addressed this with the mom. Evie woke up mid-nap talking about this again so I patted her tummy and covered her up. Thank goodness, she went back to sleep.

We played outside with the boys. Evie sees them and gets so excited. She thinks their backyard is a park and calls it a park because of the play set. We decided to call it an afternoon as we were spending more time drying tears than playing.

Evie was so happy to see her Daddy and was not so happy about grass mowing night. I appeased her with a picnic and her bubble machine. We even had "cream" for dessert. Evie loves ice cream cones more than the average toddler. She even kissed her cone because it had a hole in it. Bedtime could not come soon enough. TGIF!

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  1. evie and libbi would be such good friends (there would probably be some stiff competition for the most tears - ha!) libbi loves ice cream, too. she requests it every night (even though it is usually just a special treat every now and then) and often pitches a fit if she can't have any.
    so sad that evie had some troubles in the playground....those places can be so chaotic (especially when some mom's let their "big kids" run around unsupervised). hopefully she's feeling better now!


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