Thursday, April 21, 2011

"She Drives me Crazy."

Yes, it's true Evie drives me crazy. Although, she says, "don't crazy Mommy" when I say I am going crazy. We had one crazy day today. It was even a MMO day but I thought we'd never get there. Evie moves really slowly in the morning since she is not used to going places quite so early. That works well most days but MMO is not something that I like to be late for at all! I want to get every minute that I can. Evie thought it would be really fun to call me "Mom" over and over this morning. It sounded way too grown-up coming from a 2 year old. I reminded her that my name was "Mommy" and that her name was "Evie."

Thank goodness for mom friends. I do not know what'd I do without my mom friends. Carl appreciates them too because then he does not hear nearly as much out of me. Our biggest problem this week is excessive crying for no reason. Not even crying because she wants something just crying to cry. AHHHHH, it's driving me crazy and makes me hope that Baby Boy is a nice, peaceful little fellow. I am up a creek if he comes out like Evie. She has been opinionated from day 1 even the nurses told us that she was a drama queen within minutes of her birth. I overheard her telling her babies not to cry. Where has she heard that before? Evie kept telling them "it's okay, don't cry baby."

Nap time was quite pleasant for us both! She slept a really long time and I did a few things around the house. Evie was not happy to be up although she had been calling "Mommy" for nearly 10 minutes. Then, she found a tube that Carl had put a map in and ripped the map. We need to learn to put everything out of her reach!That kid is a little monkey and can get into everything. I was not thrilled about the map being torn although I did not want it plastered on my wall either. Evie looked at me and said, "Evie don't like that" as I cleaned up the pieces off the floor.

Thank goodness, Carl took her for a jog when he got home so I could have a little break from my Evie. We ate dinner together and Evie perked up some as she ate her mango. Not sure why but she loves to talk about mango. Evie came out of the shower clean and fresh. There's nothing like a sweet, clean baby and it makes the long days worth it.Tomorrow has to be a better day!


  1. We have had quite a bit of crying for the sake of crying at our house too. I totally agree that it is SO frustrating! Aubrey has spent some mandatory time sitting in a chair crying, and then she just turns it of and gets up when she is ready to act sweet. So weird! Maybe it's just a 2 yr old thing!

  2. Oh the drama! This sounds JUST like a little two year old at my house! I feel ya! I hope, for your sanity, that baby boy is much more mellow! I don't know how people do it with a house full of girls!!!

  3. I hope today was a better day! Sometimes I tell our sitter something that Avery has done and she says it's just the girl coming out in her. I had no idea those girl tendencies appeared so quickly. Hoping the weekend will bring some time for just you.


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