Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up!

Evie has been looking forward to the weekend all week because her cousins came to visit. She has talked about Mary and Lucy non-stop and was so excited when they arrived at our house yesterday.

Mary and Lucy are so sweet to Evie and keep her so entertained! Carl and I felt like we had a little vacation while they were visiting because Mary and Lucy helped Evie so much. We ate lunch right when they arrived and Evie ate more than she has in a long time. Havarti cheese was her main lunch staple and she certainly had plenty of it!

We all played outside before Evie crashed at nap time playing with big girls is hard work. Lollie and I went to downtown Franklin and visited a few of the little shops. We had some delicious fruit tea - a Nashville tradition.

Carl and Kurt had taken the girls to the park so we met them there. Carl grilled some chicken and we had a nice dinner. Mary and Lucy wanted to watch their movie, Tangled. Evie was happy to watch her first movie too. By 8:00, Evie was ready for bed and was asleep within seconds of hitting the crib.

Carl and I slept late this morning. Our house was so quiet but everyone was awake. Evie was playing in her crib and everyone else was downstairs. Mary brought Flat Stanley with her so we decided it would be fun to take Flat Stanley on an adventure to Nashville. We got a picture in front of Taylor Swift's house, Vanderbilt, the Ryman and visited the Parthenon. Evie was quite impressed with the Parthenon with all the ducks, people flying kites and lots of stairs to climb.

We were getting hungry so it was time for lunch at The Local Taco. Everyone else liked it as much as we do. It was yummy and Evie devoured the cheese dip and black beans. We were sad to see them go but we loved having them visit us!

Evie napped while Carl and I rested up a bit. We knew Evie would be high maintenance after her nap. Her first word was "cousins" after her nap. Carl and I had to work really hard at keeping her happy and entertained all afternoon and bedtime was a welcome respite.

We had a fun weekend and loved the gorgeous weather! Hope you had a fun weekend too!


  1. Looks like great weather and a busy weekend. Evie looks so big next to the big girls!

  2. We watched Tangled this weekend too! So cute!!


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