Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Our Little Homemaker!

Evie has been talking about wanting an iron for over a week. Well, her Ipop and Nana found out she wanted an iron and a laundry center magically appeared at our doorstep. Evie knows just who sent it to her and has played with it tons already. She apparently has a thing for irons and has ironed her Raffi along with various other objects of clothing around the house. It seems to help her ironing skills to iron while wearing her bathing suit. Thank you Ipop and Nana for sending Evie her very own iron!

Evie and I enjoyed a gorgeous day! We headed out to the park this morning. Our MOMS group had a speaker about being a happy wife and mom. Evie listened for approximately 10 minutes befoe deciding that the slides and swings were way more interesting than this life coach. She tried really hard to entertain herself with some pretzels and even scribbled a little on the information packet. I found the entire program so ironic as the speaker discussed finding the right balance in life as our kids were running in mud puddles, slinging juice boxes and making a beeline towards the parking lot. Balance must be something that happens later on down the line!


  1. libbi has that same bathing suit....gotta love the $10 suits from target! :)
    poor libbi, i don't think she'd know what an iron was if it hit her in the head....unfortunately, she hasn't seen this momma do too much ironing in her short little life :)
    and, YES! my ankles are definitely swelling....ugh - i am starting to have shrek feet :( i think it has a lot to do with the hot temps we've had here, too - and it's only going to get hotter! i'm thankful that i won't have to go through the thick of summer being pregnant, though :(

  2. Cute, cute! If she runs out of things to iron, I can send her a few of mine!

  3. Your laundry room is way too clean!


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