Monday, April 25, 2011

Magnificent Monday!

Evie and I had such a fun day together. We did absolutely nothing but that it is what made it so magnficient. Our morning was spent on the couch reading books, coloring and watching Elmo. Evie was extra cuddly today so we just held hands and snuggled. I wish she'd stay this size forever.Then we did a few things around the house before lunch. Evie napped for 3.5 hours and I did nothing but read a book. It was so nice not to rush around doing things.

It turned out to be another gorgeous day so we went outside to soak up the sun. Evie loves her new sidewalk chalk although it does not write as well on our rocky Tennesee driveway. She took her baby for a spin on her cycle.

Our neighbors Claire and Rachel came over to bring Evie some goodies. We love being surrounded by older kids and are constantly amazed at the things they give to Evie. She got a huge box of books, things to play school with and some computer games. Evie's favorite was a magnetic doll set for the fridge.

Evie was so excited to see her Daddy. I made chicken tacos for dinner in the crockpot. Try them if you have not already - take a pound of chicken and put it in crock pot, then add an envelope of taco seasoning to a jar of salsa and pour on top. Then add some water. My chicken was frozen and it took about 5 hours. Delicious! We have lots of leftovers and I am actucally excited to eat them.


  1. ooh, I always love a good, *easy* recipe!

    the girls are at such a fun age...i love the cuddles. you looked great in the Easter pictures! i hope you're feeling great, too!

  2. Tacos sound fantastic. I love Evie's shirt and was so disappointed they did not go down to Avery's size. Maybe I will catch an end of season sale for next year.

  3. She is so stinkin cute! Don't you love seeing your daughter play "little mommy" to her baby dolls?

  4. LOVE evie's outfit....precious as always! how sweet that she just wanted to hold hands and cuddle - isn't it is so much more special these days since those times are few and far between?!
    i make tacos like that all the time in the is one of our favorites - so easy! we'll usually have tacos one night, quesadillas the next, and sometimes i'll even use some of the chicken for enchiladas or a soup - it makes so much!


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