Thursday, April 7, 2011


Thursday's are always my favorite day because it's a school day! It is hard to get out of the house, dressed and ready to go by 9 but it's well worth it for three hours to myself. Evie is just as happy as a lark to go to school and barely notices that I am gone. Too bad we cannot say the same thing for when I leave the room at home. You'd think the world was coming to an end until she finds me and informs me where she'd like me to sit which is always within several inches of where she is located.

 All parents think their children are really smart and I must say Evie REALLY is a smart kid! She was running around in circles with her little friend, Levi, when I picked her up. She was happy to see me but asked if Raffi was in her bag. Her teachers told her that Raffi was in her bag but Evie was not so sure. We are about halfway home when my cellphone rings. It's LeighAnne the director letting me know that Raffi has made a mysterious appearance at school. HA! Evie was right. I told her the good news and she was so excited to hear that Raffi had been found. Evie told Carl that Raffi played at school today. I guess he did have his own little adventure but next time I may just listen to Evie!

  Evie loves to practice her singing abilities on Thursday's while all her school songs are still fresh in her mind. Nap time tends to run a little late but she finally settled down about 2:30 and I had to wake her up at 4:30 so she could still get to sleep at a reasonable hour tonight.

  She is not in the most pleasant mood when I wake her from her deep slumber. Nothing that a few cuddles and some lemonade can't fix. I keep reminding myself that this is the easy part of parenting - the really hard stuff happens later on down the road. Things that I will not be able to fix with cuddles and lemondade. The toddler years are the physical years of parenting but this is nothing compared to the BIG stuff,

   Evie really wanted to go to the park after nap but it was too late. Carl was on his way home and I was starving. Evie helped her Daddy grill some burgers for dinner in between swinging sessions. Don't you think that perhaps she was swinging just a tad too high! Evie LOVES to swing high and has no fear at all. Claire, one of our little neighbors came over to talk with me about babysitting Evie. She announced that she had heard we were having a little boy and that she was waiting on her babysitting certificate to come in the mail. I told her to bring her certificate over once she gets it and then she can watch Evie while I do some things around the house. Claire is 10 - not so much babysitting age but she can entertain Evie for a bit while I take care of some things around the house.

   We enjoyed our burgers and then Evie discovered a new genre - cookbooks. She took every cookbook that I own and spread them across the kitchen floor for her reading pleasure. After she had made a delightful mess, she decided it would be more fun to play "haircut" which is her new favorite game. Don't worry, scissors are not involved but she does clip the covers around Raffi with a chip clip - just like they do at the salon.


  1. I love Evie's version of a haircut! We have napping issues on Sundays when we stay for both services and get home after lunchtime. Glad it's not just my silly girl who gets worked up after a big morning.

  2. Evie and libbi are so much alike! Libbi loves going to school and can't wait to get out of the car....most days she is too excited to even tell me goodbye....but when we're at home- heaven forbid I even try to go to the bathroom!

    And I've always thought evie sounds like one smart little girl! ;)


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