Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Little Helper!

Evie had a snow make-up day at school this morning which was just so wonderful for me!We literally left the house in a torrential downpour but she made it to school on time. Evie noticed a duck on the side of the road if that tells you how much rain we have had and she kept saying "more ducks" all the way to school.

I did not really do anything interesting while Evie was at school just ran a few errands. It's so much easier to breeze in and out of places without lugging my 30 pound toddler with me.

Evie was thrilled to help me put away all my purchases. She needed some new sippy cups since we lose them left and right. Evie yanked them out of the package and put them in the diswasher. Then, she tried to start the dishwasher. She LOVES distributing toilet paper to all the bathrooms and putting diapers in her diaper stacker. I bought some maternity underwear which Evie found very interesting. She told me they were big. Yes, Evie, they are big. I told her she could get some underwear too if she learned to use the potty. She started laughing hysterically and said, "that's so funny Mommy." Her interest in potty training has disappeared but it will come back one day so I am not too worried.

We all enjoyed a nice afternoon siesta before going outside to play. Evie was looking everywhere for her boys today but was happy to see the big girl from next door. Evie had to have an apple once she saw that Millicent had an apple too. We sat in the driveway reading books and playing with her dolls for a long time. All this activity made Evie thirsty so she decided to help herself to some water from the fridge.

Evie and I worked on getting some clothes ready for Baby Brother. I washed them in Dreft this morning and the smell brought back so many memories of Evie being a baby. That has to be the best smell! Evie was a great helper or as she calls it a "help her" hanging clothes in the closet. She was quite chatty telling me how everything was so cute! She loves to play with her babies in her brother's room moving them from station to station. Evie thinks they like the swing best. Let's hope that Baby Brother likes the swing more than Evie did as a baby.

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