Sunday, April 24, 2011

Jesus Christ is Risen Today!

Happy Easter! We have had a wonderful Easter. Evie looked so pretty in her Easter dress and did a fantastic job in her new classroom at church. She walked right in like such a big girl which shocked me a bit. Carl got her for communion and she came right in to sit between us. She was so good with a little help from some strawberry newtons. Evie received communion for the first time because she held her little hands out just like her Mommy and Daddy. She usually just has a blessing but she thought the communion wafer was quite special. Carl and I both love Easter and enjoyed the music at church. It always makes us a little teary especially this year since my emotions are totally unpredictable. Evie has been telling everyone all day Happy Easter! It's so cute to hear her say it.

We snapped a few pictures when we got home and our neighbor, Andy, came over to take a few pictures of our family. Evie finally had a chance to see what the Easter bunny brought her and her favorite item was a new sippy cup that keeps drinks cold. That will be perfect for hot summer days. We invited Courtney and Christian along with their boys for lunch. Evie was so excited to see her boys and all their eggs.

We enjoyed lunch before going outside for an egg hunt. That was the funniest part. Campbell sat right down and had some dessert. Evie opened every egg and ate the candy before collecting the next egg. Then, she decided dessert would be pretty nice too. Christian kept hunting for eggs although we still had tons of eggs that the kids did not even pick up. They must have had plenty of candy. Evie gave her boys a hug and kiss before they left.

Everyone left about 2:30 and Evie was crashed in her crib at 2:35. Mommy crashed at 3 and Evie finally woke up at 5. She was pretty tired after all the excitement of the day.

It was a gorgeous day in Nashville so we enjoyed some more playtime outside! Evie would stay outside all day on her cycle and kicking balls. Perfect weather for Easter. I love the warm weather and look forward to lots of fun days in the sun. Hope you had a wonderful Easter!


  1. Hi Jennifer....Ipop shares photos of Evie with us here at the office. Jen, she is sooooooo adorable in her Easter dress, and her Mommy is looking cute too! The expression on her face in the photo with "bunny" is so sweet, and she looks like a "little girl on a mission" in the pics of the Easter egg hunt - priceless! I gave my little grandpuppy, Reesie, a pink bunny for Easter and sweet as she is - she immediately went to work on pulling out all of bunny's stuffing. I enjoy your pictures and stories so much, and just wanted to take a minute to let you know. You and Carl are so blessed with Evie, and now blessing #2 is on the way! So happy for you. Take care.....Dottie


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