Saturday, April 23, 2011

Egg Hunting!

We had a super low-key day which was just what we needed since we will be OOT for the next three Saturday's. Evie went to bed really late last night but she still managed to wake up at 7:15.

We ate some cereal before heading to the Farmer's Market. I was trying to find a pound cake for Easter but they do not seem to be quite so popular in Tennessee. They had every other type of cake there - coconut, chocolate, vanilla. Oh well, since we were already there we decided to have a few of our favorite doughnuts. Evie enjoyed her doughnut while listening to the man play his guitar. Carl and I hope we are not raising a hippie girl. We noticed this little girl about 8 or 9 dancing to the music as if she was on drugs. Carl said she looked like her parents had fed her acid for breakfast. Pretty accurate description! It was really crazy! Her parents were not too thrilled but she just kept dancing.

We ran a few more errands and then came home to play outside. It was a gorgeous day! Evie took forever to fall asleep because she was so tired from last night. She woke up about 4:40 and we dyed Easter eggs with her while telling her all about Easter. Evie was so excited about her pink eggs and kept asking to eat one. We let her eat one but she was not impressed. It was so funny to see her expression. She has had a boiled egg before but just little bits. I put a little salt on it and she ate a little more then she decided that the yolk was pretty tasty. We hid some eggs for her and she loved it. At first, she did not even care that they were empty then suddenly she remembered that they should have at least a few jelly beans in them.  We had a fun day. Evie would agree since she ate all three meals outside. She loves to have picnics.

We are looking forward to celebrating Easter! Easter Bunny has already left treats and Evie's dress is ready for church. She is so excited about her new shoes and has been talking about them all week.


  1. I can't wait to see Evie's Easter dress! :) Molly got new shoes, too and is SO excited about them. Saturdays with no real plans are the best - we had one of those days too!

  2. Evie looks so cute with her basket over her arm. Happy Easter to you all!


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