Friday, April 15, 2011

Evie's Back, Back Again!

We have had a few days with Evie under the weather. She seems fine and then BAM, her temperature spikes in the late afternoon. We think she is on the mend because the real Evie is back. There has been lots of cuddling with our sweet girl. She wants me right with her all the time which is so sweet . . . most of the time. She even fell asleep on my lap a few times which is rare for Evie. We are used to a dancing, singing, running, laughing Evie!

Carl's parents arrived today and Evie was excited to see her grandparents. It's been a rainy, yucky day so we have just stayed at home. Looking forward to some sunshine tomorrow! I will take some pictures of Evie tomorrow. It's been a few days!


  1. hope she's feeling 100% soon!! maybe you can use this "down time" to catch up on some rest!! take care of yourself, too.... you don't want to get sick!

  2. Hope Evie is back to herself. Grandparents are good medicine.


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