Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Evie got a full dose of her boys today! She loves them and was so happy to see Courtney too at The Zinghopper's this morning. We sat towards the back and our kiddos were way more interested in snacking than singing today. They did a few dance moves for us and occasionally acted interested in a song. Evie delicately placed Cheez-its in Campbell's mouth. They are super cute together!

We headed to the mall next for a few quick stops including a late breakfast at Chick fil A. I love those Chicken Minis but goodness they have gotten so expensive. Must be the delicious Sister Schubert rolls that they use to make the minis. Evie got her feet measured so she can get some new Easter shoes and I tried introducing her to the Easter Bunny. Evie was not impressed even when he gave her a set of bunny ears.

Evie misses her cousins a lot! She said, "Evie fly in a plane to Kurt's house." Pretty cute stuff!

Evie uses the phrase, "No Way" hundreds of times a day and it was about to drive me crazy! I have been working with her on using "no thank you" instead. She finally used it appropriately today when I handed her a sandwich that did not suit her taste. Evie looked at me sweetly, passing the plate back to me and said, "no, thank you." She had hummus instead of a sandwich today.Evie kept talking about naps after lunch. I kept cleaning the kitchen and she was right next to me saying," Evie said nap!" I figured out real quick that she means business about her naps. Mommy took a nap today too!

After nap, we were going to the park until she saw her boys playing outside. Evie decided that would be way more fun and Mommy agreed so we headed over to see the boys. They ran, jumped, slid, rode and laughed the afternoon away. It is just so wonderful to see them developing such a special friendship. Evie was having so much fun that she decided it'd be super fun to slide down their slide head-first on her belly. Oh my, she has never done that before and it made me a bit nervous! Not Evie, she thought it was great! My sweet daughter has decided that bows are not always on her agenda anymore but she has way too much hair that bows are a neccesity. We will keep working on this! Evie was not ready to come home but decided it was not so bad after all after I cut her a pear for snack. Evie and I called Uncle Ben to wish him a Happy Birthday! We sure were happy to see Carl come home tonight! Evie let him fly her like a plane and they floated all kinds of things in the shower. We sure do love our Evie!


  1. Looove that first picture, you got some great ones! That Evie was a little daredevil today! The boys had a blast:)

  2. Aubrey is the same way about bows! Drives me nuts! I put a rubber band in her hair to keep it out of her eyes, but it doesn't look nearly as cute when she rips the bow out ;-)

  3. evie cracks me up - "no way!" hahaha..... i have to admit though, i'm sure it is much funnier to someone whose child is NOT saying it all day long :)


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