Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thunder Rolls, Lightning Strikes

It has been so stormy here with torrential rain and lots of sound effects from the sky. We have taught Evie that storms are pretty because they happen so much here. She sleeps right through them and I could hear her settling down at nap time telling the thunder it was pretty.

I did not think it was so pretty last night when the tornado sirens kept going off but it's just part of the weather in Middle Tennessee. It was a two coke kind of day because I was exhausted from the night of storms.

   We did a whole bunch of nothing today since it was so rainy. Evie loves staying home in her pj's just like her Mama but she will only wear two piece pj's now. She is too grown-up for footed sleepers these days. We are hoping this is just a phase but I need to stock up on a few pairs of the two piece ones. Mary and Lucy were sweet enough to give us some hand-me down ones too.

Carl was not here for dinner so we had pancake night. Evie loves any opportunity to use her whisk so we whipped up a batch of fluffy pancakes. She also thought it would be fun to wear her ladybug costume to make the pancakes. So, she ate dinner with just a diaper to try to preserve the costume from becoming a sticky mess. Evie prefers syrup with a side of pancakes so it can get a bit messy.

I am looking forward to sunshine and school for Evie tomorrow.

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