Friday, April 22, 2011

Sweet Girl

Evie and I had a much better day. She has been such a sweet girl. We relaxed around the house this morning and ate biscuits. Have you tried the mini-biscuits by Pillsbury? Evie loves them with lots of butter and a dab of strawberry jam.

We went to Audra's birthday party this morning. Evie was so excited because it was a party with cake at the park! Her two favorite things at once! We had a great time playing with friends, using sidewalk chalk, blowing bubbles and exploring the park.

  Evie crashed at nap time and slept for longer than usual. Her little eyes were fluttering on the way home so I knew she was tired.

   Evie made up for yesterday! Carl told me that he told her to be a good girl today. Not sure what it was but she was absolutely perfect all day. We had such a fun day together.

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  1. so glad y'all had a good day.... it's always a nice refresher! :)
    i have never heard of the "mini-biscuits"....i'll definitely have to look into that - although, i'm afraid that since they are "mini" I might eat one too many - ha! :)


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