Friday, April 8, 2011

"Fun Day Outside"

Evie and I went to The C's for lunch and playtime. We had a great time but Evie was in rare form. It was hilarious to see our kids interacting with each other. Evie was crying and Christian said, "Your girl is screaming." That made me laugh! He was right. She was screaming alright! The kids played in the tent, colored, ran around and had a grand time. We barely got two words out because our kids needed lots of attention this morning. Oh well, some days are like that but Evie has not stopped talking about her boys since we got home. Courtney made delicious turkey, swiss, arugula sandwiches with fig preserves. Oh my goodness, they were simply delicious! Courtney got out tubs of water for the kids and they gave all the cars a little bath. Evie thought this was super fun! We made a mad dash out because I felt surely that Evie was ready for nap time.

 I told Evie that I was tired and she said, "Evie tired too." That had to mean a quick trip to dreamland but it took her a bit to settle down. I finished a book, took a nap and straightened up a little before she even fell asleep. Guess who woke up at 4:30 again today!

   Carl got home a bit early because he has to go in for awhile in the morning. He mowed the grass and Evie and I went to get a new router and some pizza. Evie is such a little companion these days and makes me laugh so much!

     She talks and talks all the time and it's so nice to actually understand the conversation. It's the little things that excite her like a "hill" on a sidewalk or a bunch of ants. She told me that "Evie play with ants." We ate our pizza outside on our patio and then spent some time outside. Evie's cousins gave us their old double stroller so Evie wanted to take it for a spin. She LOVES it and asked to go on another walk once we got back home. She told us that she was happy and that it was fun day outside! Ahh, I just love this age!

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  1. I agree that this stage is so much fun! I just LOVE hearing what comes out of their little mouths. You just never know what's coming. Ha!

    Thanks for your opinion on my curtain situation. I don't get that magazine, but I definitely need to check it out! And I don't think it would look bad at all if you do something to your sink window but not your bay window. There is another window in my kitchen that's off by itself, and I also have a window over the sink, and I think I'm going to do something completely different on those than what I did on the other ones in the kitchen. Aubrey has valances and blinds on her windows, and Jude has blinds and curtains. There are window seats in both of their rooms, so I feel like window treatments are kind of tricky. I can't wait to see pics of your kids' rooms! :)


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