Thursday, April 28, 2011

From first to last

Evie had her last day of school today. It's amazing to think about how much she has changed since September 2 when she started school. I had to carry her in for months and she would start crying as we walked down the hall to her classroom. She always managed to turn off those tears by the time I was in the parking lot. As the months went by, she was so excited to go to school and loved her teachers Ms. Lori and Ms. Linda. Evie was always thrilled to see me standing at the gate waiting for her to notice me. Those few seconds before Evie noticed me were always so special because I saw her in her element without her knowing that I was right there watching her go down the slide or read books with a friend.

 I loved knowing she was in a safe place with teachers that took good care of her while I had a little time to myself. Evie will be ready to go back to school in August but not as ready as I will be since Baby Boy will have arrived. Two days a week seems like a lot right now but she is ready to learn new things and have new experiences.Time goes by so quickly and Evie is really growing up before our eyes. She has lost those pudgy cheeks and fat little legs but she has turned into a whole new person with lots of opinions and funny commentary on the world around her. She chooses her own clothes and hairstyle, tells me what would hit the spot for breakfast and points out all the places of interest along the way. I love watching her change and grow but spend some days wishing that I could keep her just the way she is right now.  That's not possible so I just take scores of pictures and Carl videos her adorable antics. Those snapshots and video clips will always be so special to us even when Evie is all grown up because after all she will always be our little girl.


  1. Evie's picture comparison made me smile, and your words made me cry. I love peeking in the nursery window at church or arriving at the sitter's without Avery noticing so I can catch a few glimpses of her little self without me. I hope you can continue to get some breaks, especially as July approaches.

  2. evie is so precious...i love her pigtails! i don't know if i'm just extra emotional and hormonal, but i cried through this entire post! i feel the exact same way about libbi. i even cried today when jeffrey asked if she could spend the night with his mom tomorrow night. i just feel like the last few days of libbi being my baby....and especially my only baby are slipping away so fast and it makes me so sad!
    on another note....i totally agree about being ready for school to start back come september! libbi still has a few weeks left this school year, but i know we'll BOTH be looking forward to the school year starting again!

  3. Such a sweet post! It is amazing how much she has grown up in just a few short months!


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