Thursday, October 22, 2009

Adventures in Moving!

Yes, we are under contract! It's been under wraps to most of you because we felt like there were a lot of hurdles to cross before the finish line. Next week, is the finish line - AKA: closing. Carl and I will feel so much better after that happens. I have spent this entire day with moving related issues. It started bright and early this morning waiting for our handyman to come fix our door. It had two rotten spots and needed to be repaired.

He showed up about an hour late! Can anyone get somewhere on time? I am starting to wonder. He was kind enough to check a few other things while he was here. While he was checking the fireplace he knocked over a vase and all the stuff went flying. The vase shattered into a million pieces and he was freaking out. I tried to tell him it was okay while calming Evie because the noise scared her. He was very upset and was convinced the vase was special to me. I really was not worried about and thought he could just take a little bit off my invoice. He went to Target to get me a new vase. So sweet! All of this started because the inspector found elevated levels of carbon monoxide. No one seems to think it is a big deal except for the new owner. It seems to have escaped his attention that I have lived here with my family and we are all fine. We have had the fire department here and a repair guy. Plus my dad was kind enough to let us borrow his detector but they are still worried. I called five gas log dealers/contractors today. They all said the same thing - if there was a problem than I would already know.

My favorite was the owner of Affordable Gas. I went through the whole story with him and told him everything that I had done. He was REAL Southern and he said, "Mam, I am not sure what the problem is but with all due respect if you had a problem with CO2 than you would be dead." HA! I couldn't have said it better myself. He than went through all the things for me to tell my agent so maybe we have this problem solved. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers during this stressful time. We are under contract with our new house in Nashville so we really need everything to go smoothly.

Then Evie and I went to return our DIRECT-TV boxes and fax the reciept to our realtor. They do not allow charges for less than $5 so I had to find something else to buy. Evie picked out a cute little elephant. She has had her elephant with her all afternoon even in the grocery store she held him by his trunk and swung her legs over the side of the cart. We captured a TON of attention!

That's just a glimpse into our day -it was crazy! Thank goodness Carl comes back tomorrow being a single mom is too much for this mama!

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  1. Congratulation on being so close to officially selling your house! I know it must be exciting but so stressful! I hope everything goes smoothly from here on out.


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