Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rainy Days with Ritz

Evie did much better sleeping last night. She slept from 7-12 and 12:30 - 5:00 and then again until 8:00. YAY! She was quite unhappy around midnight. Usually, she goes right back to sleep but something was bothering her. She was so HAPPY to see me this morning. I love walking in to get her and she smiles so big as she leaps into my arms.

Evie took a little nap and then we headed to Amanda's house for a playdate. It was so much fun! Logan got a new riding toy for his first birthday and Evie LOVED it. She sat there for about 15 minutes - that's the test of a toy. Does it occupy her for more than 2 minutes? Cassidy has grown so much since I met her in July. She will be 6 months tomorrow and is sitting up! I love seeing the changes in the babies. Amanda said Evie is a little explorer. I could not have said it better myself.

Evie and I went to McDonalds for lunch. She loved it in there and was quite interactive with the cashier. Three different people have told me today that Evie is such a friendly baby. She does love people.

Evie was pooped and slept for 2.5 hours. I kept looking at her on the monitor because she was not moving. I was beginning to get a little worried so I went in to look at her. Of course, that woke her up so we headed to Gymboree.

I am not sure we are going to keep going to Gymboree. It's not working out for us because we are the only ones who come consistently. I wanted Evie to make some friends and become comfortable with others. It's hard for her to do that when it's new people each week. Also, it's not developmentally appropriate. They have 9 month old's pushing inflatable logs. Evie does not think that is fun. I am going to try Kindermusik since Evie is so interested in music. She spent most of the free time today playing with the teacher's drum. Maybe she takes after her two musical grandmothers. Both Sheshe and Nana have beautiful voices, we hope Evie will be able to carry a tune unlike her parents. The best part was when Evie crawled really fast through the tunnel to get to me with a big smile. She is such a sweet baby. I have so much fun with her each day and feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to be with her every day.

It started raining on our way home. Imagine that! Evie and I ran out to get the mail and she loved feeling the rain. She put both her hands in the air and squealed. It was so cute. Evie had dinner early tonight. She has decided that she really loves Ritz crackers so she had four tonight plus sweet potatoes, sliced banana and rice cereal. I am going to try to feed her more tablefood. It's cheaper and more accessible. Tomorrow, we have MOPS and it's our turn to bring the snack. I made pumpkin dip and bought some gingersnaps. Easy and delicious!

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