Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What a Day!

Another rainy day in Nashville! Evie and I went to MOPS this morning. I could hear her crying which is heartbreaking for a mother. When I went in to check on her, she was hysterical and had lots of tears. I took her out with me for a little bit to calm down and then let her try the nursery again. When I picked her up, the teacher told me that Evie had kicked a little boy. He had tried to take her bow and then a few minutes later he came back to take her pacifier. Then he came after her again and she kicked him! HA! I thought that was so funny! Obviously, it was just a reflex but how funny is that! Evie has a really hard time in the nursery because it is her naptime. I feel badly for her but know she needs to learn how to trust other adults. She will get better with more practice.

Evie came home and crashed. She slept in the downward dog with her head face down. It was so funny! I decided to call the gas company while she was sleeping because the carbon monoxide levels were noted as high in our house in Charlotte. I explained this to the technician and she told me she had to send 911 because this was considered an emergency. She would not listen to me so then I freaked out because she said they were going to knock down my door. That's not a good thought when I am 420 miles away in Nashville. I had to think fast so I called Chris since he has no children and works from home. He went over to open our garage door so they would not knock down the door! Thank you Chris - you saved the day.
Carl surprised Evie by coming to Gymboree on his way home from work. She was in the tunnel when he got there and she found him at the other end. It was so cute to see her so excited to see her Daddy. Carl enjoyed seeing Evie play and seeing the other kids.

Carl and I have been busy working on lots of housing issues. We will hopefully have everything figured out shortly. Moving is a BIG pain with lots of to-do lists but we feel fortunate that Carl has a job. It's a bonus that he loves his job. We are headed to North Carolina this weekend to take care of some things and to get Evie's 9 month picture. Can you believe she will be 9 months old?

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