Saturday, October 10, 2009

Soggy Saturday!

It was such a yucky day here and we heard it was beautiful in the Carolina's. It felt like fall but was so gloomy out. We did not do much today. Evie wanted to go to the mall to pick up her pictures so of course we took her. Grandparents, check your mailbox next week for some pictures of Evie. We checked out the Halloween store and Stride Rite while we were there. Evie needs some shoes since she is standing more. I knew they were pricey but goodness. Do you think Stride Rites are the best?

Look how big Evie looks in her little overalls. My mom bought these for her at a consignment sale and they are just too precious. It's cute to watch her crawl in them because they are a little long still and she looks like her legs are missing as she scoots across the floor. Notice the water bottle in the background. It is filled with pennies and is supposed to be something babies love to roll. Our baby prefers drinking out of water bottles.

Evie has gotten so ticklish. It's so cute to hear her giggle. We had so much fun playing with her today. Evie loves her stacking blocks and pulling things off the coffee table. Carl grilled some steaks for dinner and we are watching some football.

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