Friday, October 23, 2009

Fire Department visits us again . . .

Our buyer's mother is worried about the carbon monoxide level in the house even though we have had multiple licensed people tell us that it's fine. She is worried he will get sick if he falls asleep on the couch at night. It's become comical at this point since my 9 month baby is fine so my guess is he would be too. Nevertheless, I had the fire department come out again to check my house. They used two different detectors and found zero traces of CO and were kind enough to make a written statement for me. I understand that we are fortunate to have a buyer but we have done everything in our power to have this checked. Our agent said they can now pay to have it re-inspected if that is what they desire. Goodness knows, I have spent enough time trying to take care of a non-existent issue. My neighbors are probably wondering what in the world is going on at our house.

Carl is home and Evie was so happy to see her Daddy. She gave him a big hug in her own special way. Evie has had a few firsts today. She got her first bump on her head from running into a cabinet door and she has learned to clap. Both caused some excitement at our house.

We are about to have our last pizza from Brooklyn South. It is so good and we will miss it. Maybe we can find a place that we like in Nashville. Friday night pizza is our tradition so we have to make sure to keep it going.

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