Sunday, October 25, 2009


We had a wonderful weekend. Our last one in Huntersville. Yesterday, we mostly hung around the house and then we went to my parent's to celebrate birthdays. My grandmother and I are both having birthdays this week. Evie was so excited to play with the dogs and crawl under the tables. She is so funny. My mom made a yummy dinner and a delicious birthday cake. It was a poundcake with lemon cream cheese frosting. My mom had described the frosting as lemon velvet and I think she is right. It was divine! I love anything lemon except candy.

Evie slept really well at Nana and Ipop's house although she woke up quite early. She did go back to sleep for an early morning nap and then slept a little on the way home. It was sad to leave since I will not be back until Christmas but my parents are coming to visit us at our new house. It's very nice to have family close by especially when you have a small child. We are bittersweet about moving but one thing we have learned is that we never live anywhere very long so we might as well enjoy it while we are there. There are lots of places way worse to live than Nashville.

We went to run some errands this afternoon. Suddenly, I am worried about my Christmas ornaments and wanted to pack them in storage boxes. However, most people are not thinking about putting Christmas stuff away so it's been a real challenge to find anything. We did find some shallow boxes at Target that will work for our most special ornaments.

We were feeling brave (and since we do not have cable at our house ) so we took Evie out to eat supper. Usually, we reserve all eating out for lunch when she is at her happiest but she did fine. Probably due to the constant stream of Ritz crackers that we fed her and that we went to the loudest restaurant in the area: Hickory Tavern. It was good and since we are trying not to bring any more stuff into the house it worked out well.

Our house is a TOTAL disaster right now and I am going crazy. I am very neat and do not function well with clutter. It's hard not to have clutter with all of the different piles related to moving. We have the stuff for the packers to pack, our stuff to take with us back to TN and the things we need while are still here. If you have ever had packers, you know they will pack your trashcan with your trash still in it if you are not careful. Gotta run pack my ornaments so they all make it safely to our new house. Sorry, I did not post more pictures - my pictures take FOREVER to load and I have things to do. Hope you had a wonderful fall weekend.

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