Sunday, October 4, 2009

Beautiful, Beautiful Baby James

Isn't Baby James the cutest baby ever? Evie is so excited about her new friend. She cannot wait to meet him one day soon. Lindsay is doing good but I miss talking to her all the time. I know she is busy taking care of James.

Carl and I spent the entire day looking for houses in Nashville. It's not as fun as it might sound. Although, the Internet is a wonderful thing it can be quite deceptive. Houses often look a million times better online than in person. We found a house in a perfect location and I am sure it was the latest-greatest in the 60's. We think it would be the perfect house to buy to fix up but that's not our style now that we have Evie. It had tons of character and so much potential! The owner has tried selling it and cannot sell it in this market for the price he needs - 500,000. That's not going to happen ever but I will let him figure that out. Carl is still talking about that house. It was super cool! You could see downtown Nashville and it had lots of huge picture windows. Carl wants to write all the things down that we want and see if he is willing to do it. I guess it's worth a shot but there are lots of other houses out there. I will keep you posted on this one.

Evie loves being out and about. She has been extremely cooperative and is such a good baby. Carl and I are amazed at how much her personality has changed in the last few months. She is so happy and very rarely cries unless she is hungry or tired. She still is not sleeping great but we have so much fun with her during the day that it all balances out. She's our little pumpkin.

Gotta run - it's time for Chicken and Wild Rice soup. YUMMY! The perfect dinner for a rainy Sunday evening.


  1. What a sweet little boy! Congrats Lindsey!! Hope all is going well!

  2. Look at that precious baby boy! I am so excited to meet him! Hope you're well. :)

    --DC Prep


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