Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dreary Day!

Evie was up a lot last night. Guess she does not remember that this is her real house. She slept until 9 which was wonderful. Our pictures were rescheduled for tomorrow due to the weather. Lindsey is a natural light photographer so it is hard to take pictures without Mr. Sunshine.

My parents came over to help us do a few repairs at our house. THANK YOU so much! We appreciate your help so much. Carl got us some barbecue and then he and my Dad got to work. Evie loves her new pumpkin and Jack o' Lantern bib. She seems to like celebrating Halloween so far.

We went to Target to get a few essentials and then Evie tried her Stage 3 pasta dish. She was not impressed. I might try mixing it with some Stage 2 to see if that helps her get used to the new texture.

Sorry for the short post with no picture but we are exhausted! Life is catching up with us -maybe it will slow down a little soon.

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