Thursday, October 1, 2009

Totally exhausted!

We have been busy,busy today! I cleaned the house while Evie slept and then we headed to Gafney. We went to meet Lindsay and Mac for lunch. Our last lunch before Baby James arrives. Evie did pretty good but is into everything! I think it was rather eye-opening for Lindsay. I have told her how it is so much work to take a baby out to eat. Not too relaxing! Evie LOVES Mac and Lindsey and let them hold her. She's doing so much better with people. It's really fun to see her branching out a little. Let's hope this continues because my back hurts from carrying Evie around all the time. We did a little shopping after lunch. I did learn that if you are a AAA member you can 10% off at the Gap. That's good to know for future reference.

Then we headed to Terry's office to drop off Carl's will. It only took us 4 months to get it notarized. That's what moving to a new state will do. It's hard for us to get things done these days. I feel better now that things are all taken care of for Evie. Not a fun thing to do but it's part of life. Thank you Terry for being so generous with your time and talent! We really appreciate your hard work! It means so much to us.

After that fun visit, we headed to the hospital to visit my mom so she could show Evie to all of her friends. They all think she is so very cute! We came home and Evie ate some green beans then it was time to go to the Peindl's for dinner. Ribs and mac&cheese. YUMMY! Thanks for having us! I am so glad they were able to see Evie.

Now, Evie is asleep and I am headed in that direction. We are going to be without a computer for a few days. In the morning, we are headed to Raleigh to see Candice. She is there for a wedding so while we are all in the same state we decided to head that way! Then on Saturday, Evie and I fly back to Nashville to see Carl. We are excited about the next few days but will be glad to be back with Carl. We miss him but I bet he is enjoying a few nights of sleep without any wake-up calls from Evie.

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