Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Into everything . . .

Evie is into EVERYTHING! I have to watch her every second since I have not baby-proofed yet. She pulls books of the shelves, pulls up on the coffee table and follows me from room to room. It's amazing how quickly she has become mobile.

We went to the DMV this morning to get a new license. I put it off as long as possible but it was time. We were there for an hour and Evie did great until it was time for me to take my picture. She was a little concerned about why they did not want her in the picture!

We came home for Evie's nap. I straightened more cabinets and looked for houses in Nashville. After nap, we went for a walk and to the park. Evie made a new friend, Chandler. He is in the fourth grade and he sat next to us on the swings. He said,"Wow, she is really cute." So of course, Chandler and I hit it off right away. He pushed Evie on the swing and wanted to take her down the slide. It was really sweet. I told Carl we need a neighborhood park with our next house. It's such a great way to meet people. I met another little girl, Gracie, who had on the same outfit as Evie. Gracie is getting a little sister soon so her mom wanted her to see Evie.

We ran into Alicia on the way home. They were having the walk-through on their house. Tonight is their last night in the neighborhood and Alicia is coming to spend the night with us. Mike is staying on the air-mattress with the dogs. They leave in the morning to move to Atlanta. Carl and I are excited that they are at least moving somewhere that we go since we have family in Atlanta.

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