Monday, September 28, 2009

On the move . . .

I cannot keep up with Evie. She is moving so fast. In Nashville, she does not have as much space and I stay in one spot a little more. Today, I was cleaning out closets and drawers in preparation for our packers; Evie was following me all over the place. I kept finding pictures of Evie from her newborn days. She has changed so much and we have too. It seems like she has been here with us forever.

Evie and I went to get my hair done this afternoon. She had so much fun crawling and playing at Jenn's house. I was so proud of her. She came home and took a long nap so I could get some things done. Evie was sad that we did not make our playgroup but we did not get finished at Jenn's in time to make it to Mooresville. Maybe next time.

Carl got back from Duncan and we did a few projects. All kinds of things happen to your house when you are not around to keep up with it. It's time for dinner and Carl cooked! So sweet - thanks, honey - you are the greatest!

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  1. She's too cute! I'm sure getting ready for a move is tough... we've been playing with the idea of moving to a different house, but I dread selling our house.


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