Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Friends are fun!

Evie and I went to playgroup this morning at Amanda and Logan's house. It was so fun to see all the babies. One little boy, William, was walking around and his mom was running around after him. My life is going to get harder instead of easier for awhile. Evie loves to be around other people her size. She was very interested in Cassidy today. Evie also tried to take someones sippy cup. She must not remember that she has lots of her very own sippy cups! It was a rainy drive home.
Evie is fascinated with bags. She likes to play with the handles and take things in and out. You can see that she thinks her diaper bag is really cool. Evie had lunch and then took her nap. She was worn out from playing so hard so I got lots of things done. After her nap, we went to Open Gym at Gymboree. It was fun to play. There were two other children there so it was nice to chat with their parents. Then a whole bunch of preschoolers came in and it got kinda crazy so we left. Evie did not like the tunnel today. She kept crawling back to me every time I would try to get her to crawl into the tunnel. Maybe she will like it again the next time.

Carl had a conference call at 5 so we went to the grocery store and to get some gas. It's easier for him to concentrate when Evie is not in the area. We are so excited tomorrow is going to be an exciting day for us!

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