Saturday, September 19, 2009

Traveled Out!

We finally made it back to Nashville and we are exhausted! 600 miles is a really long way. Not sure what made us decide to drive from Charleston to Nashville in one day with an 8 month old! YIKES! It was a long day but I know we will be so glad to be here in the morning. Kurt and Lollie offered multiple times for us to stay with them in Atlanta. They were so sweet to do that and we would have loved to see Lucy and Mary.

It was sad to leave the beach. Evie wanted to stay and play but we headed to see cousins! Russell had a soccer game so we met at the game to catch Elissa and Taylor! I am thrilled that Taylor and Evie finally met. Taylor is so cute and Evie loved meeting her. Ellie, Russell's sister, was so sweet with the girls. She likes her mom to hold babies. CUTE! Evie let everyone hold her and was having a great time. I am so glad Aunt Anne got to meet Evie. She introduced me to Carl so without her there would be no Evie. She's a pretty important part of our story! We need to plan another trip to Charleston and wish we lived closer to everyone.

Evie was exhausted and slept for 3 hours straight in the car! She did really good until we got to Chattanooga then she decided that she had enough traveling. We stopped several times and I hopped back there with her. She was not having fun anymore! Finally, she went to sleep for about 30 minutes. She was so excited to get to our house so she could crawl. It was fun to watch her. I tried putting her to bed and she spent about 30 minutes screaming and sitting up in her crib. We brought her out with us for a little bit and then I tried again. She cried some more when I put her back in the crib but finally went to sleep. It's a good thing she is so cute because we are ready for bed. It's been a long day!

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