Monday, September 21, 2009

Biscuit and a Boo Boo

Evie has been catching up on her sleep today! Two naps that were 2.5 hours. YAY! I finally got everything put away. It was so nice to have a washer and dryer at Kiawah. All the clothes came home clean and that is so much easier than a pile of dirty laundry! Next time we will not take so much stuff since we wore the same things over and over!

Evie went to meet Biscuit today at Barnes and Noble. She was not very impressed. There were so many kids there and she was much more interested in them. She did not want Biscuit to hold her which was fine with me since he did not seem to have good balance. Evie had a great time playing. We even saw one of the moms from our visit to My Gym. I spent the whole storytime trying to figure out where I know here from and then it dawned on me. She's the crazy lady that got in a fight with her husband at our trial class. FUNNY!

We headed to the toy store next. Strollers were not allowed in there during the summer so I carried her in but found out that they are allowed now. Franklin is a little touristy in the downtown area and I guess strollers take up too much room. Evie picked out a present for her friend Abigail. We can't tell what it is because Abigail might be reading the blog with her mommy!

I took Evie to the doctor this afternoon because she has scratched her ear so much that it was bleeding. I felt like she was okay but decided to be extra cautious. I do not think the pediatrician was too happy to see us. Carl said why does he care if we are there or not as long as he is getting paid. Evie is fine but she did scream really good for the doctor! She even decided to turn bright red and little dots developed on her face. Evie weighs 18 pounds and the doctor said she looked perfect. We already knew that! He said that he will probably see me again before her 9 month appointment. That annoyed me. Lindsay's mom who works for an ENT doctor said that it was good that I took her in and that her office would have advised me to bring her to be checked. That made me feel better. It looks like Evie might need a new doctor.

Evie was so happy to see her Daddy. We went on a walk and met a nice lady who thought Evie was really cute. Evie went right to sleep without screaming, sitting up in the crib or standing in the crib! Let's hope she makes it past 10. Last night, right when we were going to bed - she woke up but she went back to sleep until 4. She woke up for the day at 7:45. I am looking forward to taking Evie to Gymboree tomorrow since she is crawling so fast now. It should be a lot of fun!

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  1. I think you made it right decision to take her to the doctor. I definitely would have done the same thing. That's a shame that your doctor isn't very nice. I think you should find a new doctor. It's so important to have a doctor who makes you feel at ease and comfortable, I think. I'm glad that Evie was ok though! :o)


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