Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sleep Strike

We were sad for Sheshe and Poppy to leave this morning. We had fun with them. Evie took only one nap all day! She had two little "tantrums" but other than that she has a great day. She got really mad at the beach and we had to leave but she was so tired that she did not want to go to sleep. We had so much fun at the beach with her playing in the sand. She looks so cute playing like a big girl. She finally went to sleep for about an hour. Evie has learned to get up on all fours in her crib so she thinks that is way more fun than sleeping. Carl went running and then I went to the pool during Evie's nap. I LOVE the pool here because it's a salt water pool so no yucky chlorine smell on your skin after swimming. We are going to take Evie in the morning.
Carl's friend Ben came over with his wife, Katherine and their son Hudson. Ben and Carl went to the College of Charleston together and Ben was with Carl the night we met. It was so great to see them. Their son is about a month younger than Evie. He's a chunk but a super cute chunk! Katherine and I had fun visiting and the babies enjoyed each other. Evie was a real trooper staying up way past her bedtime. She went right to sleep so we see what happens. Evie will be so excited to see her Nana and Ipop tomorrow.

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