Sunday, September 6, 2009

Relaxing Day!

We went to early church this morning at 9. Evie did very well in the nursery. She cried for 5 minutes after we left her and for a minute or two a few times. I think her straws helped her. She really enjoys playing with straws and it can occupy her for up to 30 minutes. Evie was sitting with the teacher when I walked in and she started crying when she saw me. Once, I picked her up she was fine. I took her back in the church for communion. She did great. Before Evie, we would not have chosen this church service but it works really well with her since it's early and way more family friendly. There are no hymns - it's more contemporary music but everything else is traditional. We noticed lots of young families and cute little girls for Evie to play with one day. The minister remembered us by name from last week so that made us feel quite welcome. Evie even got a compliment on her precious outfit. I am glad she had another chance to wear it because soon it will not fit her.

After church, we drove around for a little bit so Evie could sleep and we checked out a few more areas. Our house still has not sold so we are considering all options. Carl found a beautiful brick house with a basement, plantation shutters, hardwood floors and an updated kitchen that is for rent because the owner has been unable to sell it. We may go check it out. Not sure yet.

Evie took a long nap this afternoon and we rested. After her nap, we went to the park to walk and let Evie play on the playground. She LOVES the swings. Last time we tried the swings, she did not really care for them but she was laughing the whole time. It was fun to see her having such a great time. This playground is so cool and has lots for kids to do. We go to Crockett Park a lot but have never been to the playground.

We put her to bed early tonight and now we are about to enjoy some dinner. One thing about me you probably already know is that I LOVE sweets. My new favorite is to freeze Junior Mints and eat them for dessert, Delicious and refreshing! Looking foward to another day tomorrow with the family.

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  1. Jr. Mints are my favorite too- but i've never freezed them...I'll have to try it! Hope you guys are doing well!


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