Saturday, September 26, 2009

Rainy Day!

We made it to North Carolina yesterday. Our trip went well though Evie sleeps less each time. She slept for two hours yesterday but did not cry until we left Black Mountain. I think she missed her Daddy because she kept saying DaDa over and over. Concidence, maybe but it makes a sweet story! Thank you Nana for picking us up.

Evie slept pretty well last night and is having so much fun. We went to a consignment sale this morning and got lots of cool stuff. I got Evie five toys and 3 outfits for $21. You can't beat that. It was half-price day. Usually, I do not go to half-price day but since the sale was only from 6-9 last night there were still lots of items this morning. Evie took a long nap once we got back.

When she woke up, we all went to Black's Barbecue. YUMMY! I used to babysit for the Black children and now the oldest is in college. Time sure goes fast! Evie had so much fun at lunch eating puffs and playing with straws. She is doing so much better with others holding her. Maybe she knows she can get away if neccesary since she can crawl. HA!

Evie is sleeping and then we will go visit her Great-Grandmother. Daddy is having fun with his friends in the mountains but it's rainy there too. Does the sun ever shine anymore?


  1. I want you to know your words meant so much to me. Thank you for crying and praying with me, and also for trying to be patient even at 3 am! This is just another way that Reese is making a difference...

  2. Jennifer, thanks for the comment on my blog! Your little Evie is just precious! Love that blonde hair!

    Are you a Theta? I was a member at the U of Arkansas in the dark ages (late 60's)!



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