Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fall is Fun!

It has been the most beautiful day! WOW - I love fall except it means winter is on it's way! Evie took a super long nap this morning and I had to wake her to leave the house. We had a showing so that takes priority over naps. Evie and I headed to Target. We found some of her favorite pacifiers.

Funny Story: I have thought Evie took the Nuk for several months even bought her the Nuk bottle. I bought her some Nuk pacifiers before we went to Kiawah and she refused them. It popped right out every time that I put it in her mouth. We are flying back to Nashville and our pacifer stash is getting low. We only had three so I finally got smart and decided to look on my registry. It was not the Nuk. Evie has been using the Ortho- Pro the whole time. Maybe I should try an Ortho-Pro bottle. Although, we have tried so many bottles and she is getting good with her sippy. This is the perfect example of what lack of sleep does to a new mommy!

After our pacifer run, we went to Birkdale. It was so nice to walk around and enjoy the day. Then we went to Gymboree to see Evie's friends and Ms. Beth. I used to be a teacher but now as a mom I can really see that a great teacher makes all the difference! Gymboree is a chain and the curriculum is written at corporate so they should all be similar. We had a great time and I learned some new things to do with Evie. It was good to see everyone and how much the babies have grown. I was a little sad to see all the new mommies coming in for Level 1.

Evie was ready for her nap and then my friend Jessica from Lake Norman Elementary came over for a playdate with her daughter, Khloe. I remember holding Khloe when she was just a few days old and now she is 14 months. Time goes way too fast! It was good to see them both. Khloe is walking all over the place. I made some pumpkin dip and it was so yummy.

Pumpkin Dip:
1 can of pumpkin
1 box of Jello Pudding Cheesecake flavor
1 smaller container of Cool-whip
Serve on Anna's Ginger-thins!

After our friends left, we went to the park with Paisley and Allison. It was such a beautiful evening even a little chilly. The girls had fun together and we just chatted. A kitty even decided to come check out our sweet girls. Evie and Paisley loved the kitty and the kitty loved the stroller. We headed home for some carrots and bathtime. Bedtime is in progress. We can't decide if we are on central time or Eastern time.


  1. I am definitely going to try that Pumpkin dip. I have been wanting to make some new recipes with pumpkin!

    Evie looks so cute in her little cupcake shirt! So sweet!

    --DC Prep

  2. Mmmmm...that pumpkin dip sounds good. I'm ready for some pumpkin bread myself. ; )

    Blessings to you today.


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