Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Holding Hands and Feet

Evie and I had a super busy day! We met four moms and their babies for lunch at Jason's Deli. I am still amazed at how fast we get in and out to get home for naps and trips to the store. It's really eat and run these days. Evie did a great job at lunch. She sat in the high chair and ate her puffs. Maybe drank a little juice water from her cup. Evie and I met another baby that does not drink out of a bottle either. Her name is Cecilia and she is so cute. She's older than Evie so she's mastered the sippy cup. Cecilia is about 15 months old. I really liked her mom and thought we had a lot in common. Evie was happy to see her friend Logan. They held hands and feet. Probably because Evie stuck her hand in the chocolate sauce for the ice-cream. The big girls had their own ice-cream. YUMMY!

Evie came home to nap and then we went to Gymboree. I wish it was earlier in the day. It's at 3:30 which is a little late for a 7 month old baby. She's not her happiest at that point but she did great. She got mad when a little boy took her ball. He had two but wanted her purple one. I tried helping the little boy get a red one. My distraction technique did not work. He and his mother were speaking another language but it was not Evie's language. She forgot all about her problems when the bubbles came out. Bubbles solve all kinds of problems for babies.

We went to McDonald's for dinner afterwards since I had lunch at 10:45 and Evie was asleep in the car. Carl was supposed to have a dinner meeting but it got canceled after I finished my meal. Carl went to get a burrito and I just put Evie to sleep. Let's hope she sleeps better tonight. She was making all kinds of sounds last night. We finally broke down and bought a video monitor. It just came a few minutes ago. Carl asked me where it was before he left so he will be thrilled to try it out tonight. We did not want to get one because we have tried not to go crazy with all of the baby gear. Now, that Evie is such a light sleeper we wanted a way to check to make sure that she is okay without going in her room. Hope this helps us! I researched this purchase and got a great deal on Amazon. Not sure why I did not think of that before but it's WAY cheaper than Target. I have heard it's great to have these monitors when they are older too because I can say, "Evie get in your bed." It will take her awhile to figure out that I can see her on the camera. Parents have to stay one step ahead of their kiddos!

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  1. I'm glad you and Evie are making lots of new friends in Nashville! Having a cute baby makes meeting new people easy! :)

    --DC Prep


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