Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Got up on the wrong side of the crib!

I made a BIG mommy mistake last night. Evie has just started sleeping through the night again so I woke up in a panic at 4:00 this morning. I decided to go in to check on her. What a bad idea! She heard me and of course decided to cry. I let her cry for a little bit and then went back to check on her. She had a DIRTY diaper and was as mad as a hornet. I changed her and hoped she'd go back to sleep. Finally, at 5:15 she went back to sleep but was up again an hour later for the day. Of course this got her off of her schedule so she has been quite cranky all day.

We had MOPS this morning! Evie went to Moppettes and was fine when I left her in the nursery. My meeting was right next door and I could hear her screaming. Soon one of the teachers comes out to ask me if she had a sippy cup and I told her that Evie did not take Sippy cups well. I went in the room to see if I could calm her down and the other teacher said, "Remember last time Evie threw the cup when we tried to give it to her." Obviously, that was not going to help. So I went back to my meeting, you can hear all the babies crying so it's hard to concentrate on the speaker. Then the teacher comes back out to tell me that she thought Evie might have an ear infection. I told her that Evie just pulls on her ear when she is upset, tired or hungry. The mom next to me is a seasoned mom with 4 children so she went to check and she told me that Evie was fine and just to watch her. It was not the best experience because I was so worried about Evie but of course she was fine. When I came in the room, she was in her stroller playing with her feet quite content. She has been cranky off and on throughout the afternoon. She slept on the way home and then took a nap at home too. Evie's mommy took a nap too. We will keep an eye on her but she's probably fine. She's been pretty clingy today and does not let me out of her line of vision. Carl is back to calling her Evie Scissorhands - a nickname that my mom came up with - because her nails are so sharp. I cut her a nails a few times a week but they grow so fast. Carl has little tiny cuts on his nose because she LOVES to play with noses. So watch out if she lets you hold her because your nose may be next!

Carl came home and we went to Publix to get a few things. Evie was as happy as can be in the store. She LOVES to be out and about. She played with a little cup, a plastic fork and the recipe card that we got with our sample. I bought a new thermometer. Carl was quite skeptical that I got a rectal thermometer. He says he can remember his temperature being taken with that so he was not excited about using it. I told him that I would take Evie's temperature since he was not ready to attempt it. I have always been nervous about checking her temperature but it was not bad at all. Easy for me to say. She did not have a fever.

We gave her a little apple juice in her sippy cup and she did drink a little. It really does not matter what is in the cup. She does like her new cup better than all the others but still prefers a juice glass! Carl gave her a bath and I put her to bed. She was exhausted from her crazy day! I am so excited because I am heading out to get a massage at 8:00. Let's hope that I do not fall asleep. Tomorrow will be a better day. I will try and catch her smiling tomorrow.


  1. What a day! Don't you go in on that baby tonight! hehehe! I hope tomorrow is better!

  2. Bless your heart! There have been many times when I have laid in bed praying, "Please just let her move around a little bit so I'll know she's ok and I won't have to go in her room!" Ha. I know getting off schedule at the beginning can make for a long day!


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