Sunday, September 13, 2009

Evie LOVES the beach!

Evie is so happy to be at Kiawah. She was a little upset this morning but going out to lunch perked her right up. Sheshe and Poppy brought her a toy and she really likes it. I think she is a little bored with her old toys. We were supposed to see Cousin Taylor but got a fever. Maybe we will see her on Saturday when we leave.

We had a great afternoon at the beach. Evie loves it and spent the afternoon playing in the sand. She was kicking like crazy in the ocean. Evie went under the water and it did not even bother her. She ate more sand than Poppy wanted her to but she seemed to think it was really tasty. We all loved seeing her play at the beach. I got a lot of mosquito bites on the walk back to the house. We took Evie to the pool and she had a grand time. Water does not bother her at all. She's a natural little fish like her Daddy.

Bedtime was super easy when Evie was so tired! We are about to enjoy some dinner now that Evie is sound asleep. Steaks off the grill - yummy!

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