Thursday, September 3, 2009

Seven month olds are . . .

UNPREDICTABLE! My mom sent me an article this morning about 7 month olds. It seems that you just can't figure out babies. They change so much from day to day. Evie has had a fabulous day today! No tears or tantrums! Yesterday, was such a rough day without a real morning nap. We were supposed to go for playgroup at Mia Bella's house but Evie was still napping. I learned yesterday not to wake her up unless it's absolutely neccesary! Playgroup is not neccesary so I canceled. Maybe another day.

After Evie woke up, we went to downtown Franklin to Prim and Paper. What a cute name for a stationery store! It was closed. Not sure if it was closed from lack of business or closed because it was Thursday. I will have to call to check it out, but is that not the cutest name ever for a stationery store. I LOVE paper of any kind so I was looking forward to checking it out.

Then we went to The Factory to look for smocked Christmas dresses. YAY - she had them out today and they had some really cute ones. I am trying to decide between snowmen and Christmas trees. Both Lindsay and my mom voted for Christmas trees. What do you think? It's easier to justify the cost if she could wear it for longer BUT I could dress her in the tree dress for every possible occasion the whole month of December. We got some pea salad and broccoli salad for lunch. Does it count as a veggie if it has mayo in it? Of coure, I got a cookie too. YUMMY! I have enough salad for tomorrow's lunch too.

Evie and I tried to clean the house a little. Yesterday, I got NOTHING done. Thank goodness, Carl agrees that my priority is Evie and not a clean house. Otherwise, we would have BIG problems because some days I do not get much done. Evie took two LONG naps so I got lots done today. When she woke up, we vacuumed together. She cries when I get it out kinda like my parent's dog Murphy. I sat her in her crib and talked to her while I vacummed. She did not like it but she was okay. She was perched on my hip for the rest of the rooms.
We went to run a few errands and she was great. She sat on her blanket in a store and played while I figured out what I needed. What a sweet girl! Carl came home and we went for a walk. Evie gets so tired at night that she is cranky for the last thirty to forty-five minutes before bed. We might need to start putting her to bed earlier. Bathtime with Daddy is not fun for either one of them anymore. She does not enjoy her bath because she is too tired. Her toys don't provide enough distraction from her exhaustion. She went right to sleep tonight. Don't worry I will not go check on her.

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  1. I understand your dilemma about the Christmas tree vs. snowman dress. I've been trying to decide the exact same thing! My choices are a hot pink smocked Christmas tree dress or a red smocked snowman dress. Tough call. I know either will be precious.


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