Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wonderful Day!

Evie was up all night! I shared a room with her and everytime I looked she was sitting up in her crib peering at me. HA! I think we might need to stop sharing a room but since she is still up at night it's easier. I put Evie down early for her nap before church and woke her at 10. She was up with a smile. I was getting nervous on the way to church about leaving her in the nursery. My mom suggested that I keep her with us. That made me more nervous but we tried it and she did GREAT! No tears or screaming and it was a LONG service. We were so proud of her!

My Godparents came to see Evie and she had fun seeing them. Evie was sad to leave her doggies. She has really taken to them and listens for their collars. It's so cute to watch her crawl towards them. One day, she might catch them.

Evie and I had so much with my parents. Evie loved all the extra attention. She had four people playing on the floor with her and two dogs. We headed back to Huntersville this afternoon in my moms car. Thanks Mom! Carl fun on his mountain weekend but was happy to be home! Evie and I were happy to see him too.

It felt weird to come in our house since we have not been here in over a month. We went to the grocery store and it felt normal. Harris Teeter has been a second home to us because it's so close by to our house. We met our sweet neighbors, Alicia and Mike, for dinner. We all walked to Arnie's. It was so yummy and great to catch up with them. I am so glad we are both moving because I think it would be harder if they were still going to be here. We cannot wait to meet Baby Boy Haber. Mike and Alicia will be wonderful parents. Evie loves them especially Alicia! Evie can teach Mike all kinds of new things. HA! He was trying to figure out her stroller tonight. The packers are coming for them tomorrow. Our street is going to be so different with new neighbors and new babies but that's life.

Evie was wiped out from her day. She has been a busy bee and such a good girl! All of our traveling has made her more go with the flow and that's important in life. It feels great to be in our house with our stuff! I never would have imagined us moving and it still makes me sad. I even got a little teary rocking Evie tonight because I just love her nursery so much but now that I am a more experienced mom - I know that those things do not really matter but it's nice to have a pretty space to call home. We love our house, friends and of course being close to our families. It's the right choice for our family to move and we have already made some great friends in Nashville. We just wish it was not so far away!

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  1. What a cutie pie...I'm glad she did well at church! I understand the stress of leaving her...I'm right there, too!


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