Thursday, September 10, 2009

Diva at the Doctor

Evie went with me to my check-up this morning. The ladies at the front got all excited to see a baby but Evie was not so excited to see them. She burst into tears because they were all in her face. Evie likes people but she likes to warm up first. Our nurse told Evie that she could tell that she was a diva. This was within the first minute of meeting her and while Evie was still quite happy. She told me that she is really good at picking out the divas because she raised one and has one for a grandaughter. We waited and waited and waited for the doctor. Dr Ward was worth the wait! She was very sweet and she liked Evie. Although, I had to tell her Evie like Chevy because she kept calling her the wrong name. Evie earned an 8 out of 10 for her behavior today. We were there for two hours that was a long time for me and I do not need a morning nap.

Evie fell asleep in the car and let me transfer her to the crib. That has happened maybe 5 times in her life. She slept for 2.5 hours so she was a tired baby! She played in her crib when she woke up and seemed happy to be playing by herself. I am so impressed at her new language skills this week. She babbles a lot! Carl thinks she said Mama last night. It does sound similar but not sure we can count that as her first word quite yet.

Our friend Logan came over to play while his mom went to the dentist. Logan is just a few months older than Evie. He is super laid back and was so good at our house. Evie was a little cranky since she only had one nap today. So, she would cry out every once in awhile for a minute and he would just look at her like, "Hey, baby, stop the crying - it's not a big deal." They had fun with Evie's ball and they loved the bubbbles. It was cute to watch them in the mirror too. They had a lot of fun and Logan showed me the areas that I need to child-proof. He just started crawling but he is SUPER fast. We had a great time with Logan and hope he comes back soon.

Evie is eating her puffs and playing with a toy in her highchair. She needs to go to bed because she is a sleepy girl. We are waiting for her Daddy to come home. Tomorrow we head to Atlanta to see Evie's cousins and Godparents. We are excited and then on Saturday we will go to Kiawah for our vacation. All three of us are looking forward to relaxing and hanging out together. Grandparents are coming for part of the trip and we hope to talk them into babysitting for us. I am sure we will have a really hard time convincing them of that. HA!

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  1. Aubrey doesn't like it when a lot of people get in her face either. Who can blame them?? Have so much fun on your vacation! :o)


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