Thursday, September 17, 2009

50% Chance of Rain, 100% Chance of Smiles

We had a great day today. Lunch was at Rosebank Farms Cafe at Bohicket Marina. We all had fried shrimp except my Mom had grilled Mahi-Mahi. YUMMY! It was delicious! After lunch, we went to get Evie a stuffed turtle. She likes it but not as much as she loves ice-cream. That kid was really interested in my ice-cream - I gave her a few licks and she was so thrilled! Can't wait to see her with her own cone. Just so you know she prefers Pralines and Cream.

We came home and walked the LONG way to the beach to get Evie to sleep. I am so happy that we were able to get a shot of Evie sleeping on the beach. She was exhausted! She had so much fun on the beach. Give that girl a hole and she is happy as can be. It's so cute to see her crawling everywhere. She's getting faster every day. We love to watch her! It was a chance of showers today so we were glad that we could hit the beach.

After the beach, we hit the pool. It felt great. Evie loves the water. Evie has been busy playing with all of her toys. She got two new ones from her grandparents this week. She got a cute little snail and some cool nesting blocks. Evie has had so much fun.

Carl and I just got back from our second date! We went to Shrimper's. It was good and so nice to have another date. Thanks Nana and Ipop for babysitting Evie. Our server was from Jamaica so we had fun talking with him. He comes every year for a few months to work at Kiawah. Carl and I really enjoyed chatting with him.

Candice called to tell me that she is having a little boy! We are so excited for her and Carl. What exciting news! Evie will have a new friend to play with early next year. Carl and I were pretty sure that Evie was a girl from the beginning and feel like we will have another girl one day. Girls seem to run in Carl's family! We will be happy with another daughter or a son. We just hope to have another healthy baby! Congratulations to Candice and Carl! We are so happy for you and cannot wait to meet your precious baby boy. Evie and I are looking forward to our trip to Raleigh to see you in a few weeks.

Carl is planning to capture some video of our little beach bum tomorrow. She has so much fun playing in the sand, eating the sand, and checking out the waves. We have so much fun with her this week. I am sure we will always remember our first vacation with Evie as a special time that we shared with her grandparents.

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