Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy 8 months, Evie!

We cannot believe our baby girl is 8 months old! Where does the time go? She is so sweet and happy! Evie has brought our family so much joy and we are having so much fun with her.

Evie Facts:

She wears a 2/3 diaper and weighs about 18 pounds - not exactly sure about that.

She is still super long and we get lots of comments about her height.

Her clothes are 6-12 months.

She crawls more every day and is really getting fast.

Evie loves to eat puffs in her highchair and will keep her occupied for a good 20 minutes.

Evie eats between 3-6 jars of babyfood per day! She is a BIG eater like her parents.

Her favorite is carrots but she does care for meats in a jar. She gags and gets upset.

Evie also likes apples, pears and bananas mixed in her cereal.

Evie cries to get her Daddy's banana and then will take a little nibble.

Evie tries really hard to drink out of her sippy cup.

She nurses 4-5 times per day.

She is sleeping much better and is usually only up once per night - until vacation.

Evie goes to bed about 6:30 and wakes up about 7:30.

She takes two naps a day. One about 8:30 and one about 12:30. Her morning nap is usually about an hour or so and her afternoon nap is two hours.

Evie loves to swim and play outside.

Evie does not like to be away from her parents.

She plays really well with her toys and loves to play blocks.

Evie likes children and will study them intensely before trying to grab their hair or paci.

Luckily for us, Evie enjoys long car rides. She will sleep for some of the time and then plays with her toys.

We look forward to seeing Evie grow and change but wish we could stop time to enjoy her more right now. She still cuddles and wants to be with us a lot. We could have never imagined what our life would be like today last year this time. It's harder than we ever thought but better than we could have ever hoped for. Evie makes everything better and we are so blessed to be her parents.

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  1. I LOVE her smocked ladybugs!!!! HOW CUTE! Doesn't it go way too fast?!?!


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