Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Falling into Fall!

Evie and I ran a few errands this morning. She went with me to get my eyebrows done and she did so great. Margo does my brows and she is pretty out there but she noticed Evie's Lilly dress. My mom bought it for her last year before she was even born and now it fits her! Margo does not look like a Lilly lover but maybe she appreciates them. We went to Whole Foods to get a few things and in honor of the new season I bought some cookies. They are fabulous! Imagine a soft sugar cookie coated in frosting with sugar sprinkles in the shape of pumpkins and leaves. We were happy to learn that they are all natural and do not have chemicals in them. That's a good thing because I have had at least 6 today.

Evie had her Gymboree class today. She had so much fun crawling around. Evie crawled through her first tunnel. She loved it and spent most of the class hanging out in the tunnel. Evie did not like the parachute today - maybe next time. There was only one other baby there so I am a little worried that they will shut down like Little Gym. Evie's teacher, Ms. Michelle, told me that there are a lot of kids signed up but they do not come. That seems like a waste of money! After class, Evie wanted to go to the park so we went to swing and play on the jumpy bug. It was such a beautiful day! Evie loves the outdoors.

Carl was here when we got back so then we went on a family walk. Evie picked a leaf off the poplar tree. She did not want to let it go. Guess what she did with it - you are right she put in her mouth. I was so worried because she was choking. All I could remember was that it's good for them to be making noise or crying because you know they can breathe. Evie was turning red and not making any noise. I turned her over and whacked her on the back a few times. She coughed up the leaf and felt much better. It was not fun! Carl said he was too shocked to do anything so he was just standing there. My mommy radar swooped in and Evie is fine. I have taken a few infant and child safety classes over the years but my certification is not current. I need to get some more information on what to do so I will be more prepared next time it happens. My advice is if you are pregnant go take a class. You have more time now than you will for a LONG time.

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