Thursday, September 24, 2009

Birthday Parties and Best Friends!

We had the busiest day ever! Evie took a morning nap and had a snack at the house. Then we headed to Murfreesboro about 11:00 for Abigail's birthday party. It was so much fun. The first year of life is full of changes and Abby looks like a little girl now. Maura made a delicious lunch for everyone. She served tortilla soup, salad, sandwiches, and fruit salad. YUMMY! It was the best soup that I have ever had and I cannot wait to make it soon. We love soup at our house and this will become one of our favorites. Abby got lots of fun presents. It was so fun to see all the children playing together. Evie did great and played with the kids without me for a good while. Abby and Evie are so cute together now that they can really interact with each other. We hope to get together soon for a trip to the zoo.

After the party, we headed to the Opry Land hotel to meet my dear friend Krystal. She is in town for the MOPS convention and it was good to see her! Krystal was my roommate at the Theta house at the College of Charleston and we have remained really good friends. We even had the same due dates with our girls and then they were both born on January 16. I cannot wait to meet her daughter, Peyton. Evie really enjoyed meeting Krystal and let her hold her a lot. She showed off her crawling skills and ate some puffs. It was a quick visit but it was wonderful to see Krystal. We always get together whenever we can because life gets in the way. Richmond is really far from Nashville but everything is far from us. Krystal is the kind of friend that everyone needs. She is patient, friendly and logical. Krystal has helped me so much as I transitioned into being a mom. Not sure what I would do without her!

Evie slept all the way home and was ready to play. She was absolutely fabulous today! One of her best days yet. She was so happy to be with the other kids and loved meeting Krystal. I am so proud of her and we had such a fun day together. She gets sweeter and cuter every day! I am so lucky to be her mommy! Tomorrow we head to North Carolina to see Ipop, Nana and Uncle Ben - let's hope for another great day! I LOVE Evie's smocked turtle outfit. My sweet friend, Susan, brought it to the hospital when she came to meet Evie. She gets tons of compliments every time she wears it. Someone even asked me if I made it today. HA! My mom and I were talking about how when I first got it that it seemed so BIG. Now it fits her perfectly. She's getting so big! My advice is if you have a friend who is getting a baby. Do not buy them clothes unless you know them REALLY well or you get it in a 6 month or older size. Everyone thinks they will pick out the cutest outfit ever but the reality is that babies have bigger wardrobes than most adults. Evie was lucky enough to get LOTS of beautiful clothes and some practical clothes when she was born. I have friends who have Tupperwares full of clothes that their babies never even wore. Just something to think about!

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