Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hip Hip Hooray, we went back to Gymboree today!

It was another beautiful day in Nashville! Evie and I went to playgroup this morning. We had a great time. Evie loved one of Logan's toys. Not sure how to describe it but we will be looking for one. Evie and Logan loved Carol's feet. She just had a pedicure and they were fascinated with her pretty pink toes. So funny! I was happy to see that Logan loves shoes too. It must be a baby thing. Sometimes, we aren't sure if these are baby things or Evie things. Cassidy, who is almost 5 months old, tries so hard to be a big girl. It's so cute to watch her try to keep up with Evie and Logan.

Evie and I went to Gymboree today! They started a class for 6 months to 10 months. It was so fun but we still miss our sweet teacher Ms. Beth. Our new teacher is Mrs. Michelle and she is just not the same. She did tell me that Durks Bentley (sp) has a daughter named Evie and they come to Gymboree too. Sunday Rose has moved up to Level 4 so I guess we will not be seeing her. HA! It was a super small class but lots of people are still traveling. One perk is we are able to attend any Level 2 class that is offered so we hope to try out the Saturday class sometime.

Carl was home when we got back so we all went to Crockett Park for a walk. While we were walking, Carl was pushing Evie and he was doing a half-jog in a jovial way. There were some kids behind us and they said, "hey, look at that man." That was so funny to us because we are officially old now that we are Evie's parents.
We walked for a long time and it was fun to see all the kids playing soccer. Carl and I think it's funny to think those parents sitting on the sidelines are remembering their little one being pushed in a stroller. One day, we will be those parents sitting watching Evie play soccer and wishing we could still push her in the stroller. It's hard to imagine her any bigger than she already is now. Every day, she is growing more.

We came home and sat out on our deck to have a little snack. Evie held a cracker in each hand and was as happy as can be. It was so much fun and a nice way to end the day with Evie. She went right to sleep and let's hope for another good night of sleeping from our little bear!


  1. What a cutie!!!
    I wish Evie and Sunday Rose could be friends... Then you'd be my connection to Nicole Kidman! :) hope sleeping is going well...


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