Monday, August 31, 2009

Beautiful Day!

It has been the most beautiful day here in Nashville. Sunny, warm and with a slight breeze. Evie and I took advantage of it and played outside a lot. She loves to pick grass and play with her blocks outside. It sure beats our condo so I am all for being outside. We went to Crockett park to walk and play. I had fun watching Evie figure everything out. She loves to explore her enviroment now and it's so fun to see her reaction to new things.

Evie and I met some friends for lunch. It worked out great because both of our husbands had late meetings so it was nice to have some adult conversation. Carl ended up coming home before his dinner meeting to see us. Evie was excited to see her Daddy because he was singing B-I-N-G-O to her. I bought this great book at the consignment sale published by Gymboree with ideas for play with babies. It was a super deal at $2 and it's full of cool things that I would have never thought to do with her at home.

Evie went to Walmart today for the first time in her life! She loved it and had a great time looking around at everything. Of course, she made some friends along the way. About every six months or so, I get on kick that Walmart is cheaper than Target. I found some great deals today. Amy, our cashier, told me that it was a good choice for me not to bring Evie to Walmart until now. She said it's a very germy place. I thought this Walmart was super nice and seemed clean to me. It was certainly better than the first Walmart that I went to in TN.

Evie got a new purple sippy cup. That seems to be the color she gravitates towards so maybe it will encourage some drinking. She is having fun playing with all of her cups but I would love for her to swallow some milk or water. Each day she gets better so one day she will surprise me.

Doesn't Evie look precious in her new fall clothes? She looks like such a BIG girl. Evie is really moving now. She is starting to like her Sassy seat more and really enjoys her Exersaucer. Evie still sticks pretty close to me but is doing better while we are at home when I leave the room. She's doing much better with her sleeping and I feel a hundred times better. I can handle once a night but more than that is too much. Let's hope tonight will be another night of sleeping for Evie!

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  1. Evie is precious. I hope and pray we have another girl one day!

    Thanks for your sweet comment and for praying for us.


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